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Frequently Asked Question

Here is a list of questions we get about our technology and its impact upon installation on your infrastructure. We made great efforts to have BioAlert Lp15‘s installation and usage as easy and as seamless as possible, ensuring the continued and uninterrupted operation of your water system.

Our installation and support team fully supports our clients during the whole setup and startup process and stays readily available to help answer any questions you might have.

Do we need to stop our cooling tower for the installation of the BioAlert Lp15 unit ?

No, the design of the equipment makes it possible to install the BioAlert Lp15 unit without stopping the cooling equipment. Several facilities have been installed at customers’ site without interruption or modification of their system.

Does a failure of device have an impact on the operation of our cooling equipment ?

No, the non-interfering design of the unit ensures no impact on your equipment or your process in case of failure of the BioAlert Lp15 unit.

How long does the installation and calibration takes ?

It usually takes 6 hours; the majority of our units were installed and calibrated in less than a day at our customers’ site.

What is actually happening during the daily analysis of the BioAlert Lp15 unit ?

The device is a robot, which performs its automated reading according to the programming defined with the user. Once the measurement is made, the device is recharged for the next measurement and communicates the result to the user via the customer’s preferred mean of communication.

If a severe contamination is detected, how and when will I be informed ?

BioAlert Lp15 equipment can be interfaced directly into your internal communication system (SCADA / IIOT) and sends the result instantly. With a daily measurement, the result is predictable and thus eliminates surprises, contrary to monthly laboratory tests. The unit also has an automated alarm system (by email or text) when an immediate action is required.

Are the tests carried out by BioAlert Lp15 approved to replace the monthly laboratory tests ?

No on-site detection equipment has RBQ accreditation; the mandatory monthly tests must be maintained. BioAlert Lp15 allows you to know the water quality before shipment and let you adjust the treatment to ensure the success of this analysis.

Can BioAlert Lp15 be plugged into multiple cooling towers at once and if so, how does the system work in such a case ?

Yes, BioAlert Lp15 can interface up to six cooling systems to analyse water quality successively. The user interface allows the management of multiple equipment and archive the history of measurements.

What is the impact of using BioAlert Lp15 on my building maintenance staff ?

BioAlert Lp15 makes it easier to better manage your equipment. Thanks to the daily monitoring of your installation, a simple adjustment of your treatment makes it possible to keep the development of legionella under control. Early detection is the best way to fight the proliferation of this bacteria.

Can BioAlert Lp15 detect other types of bacteria than legionella ?

Yes, BioAlert Lp15 can detect the majority of waterborne bacteria. The use of a bacteria-specific consumable extends the functionality of the device. Contact us to evaluate if BioAlert Lp15 can meet your needs.

What is the cartridges' lifespan and does their handling and storage require special conditions ?

The lifespan of these cartridges is more than 6 months, in their original packaging. No refrigeration or special handling conditions other than frozen protection are required.

What are the conditions offered by BioAlert Solutions for the purchase of the unit? Do you offer a guarantee?

BioAlert Solutions provides its equipment and maintenance services in two different formats, either at a monthly pricing or for direct purchase. Contact our marketing department for more details. BioAlert Solutions guarantees the functionality of its equipments for the duration of contracts and offers all inclusive maintenance contracts.

What would be the approximative timeframe for delivery and installation ?

Delivery and installation are generally executed 6 to 8 weeks after receiving the order.

What kind of after-sales service do you offer ?

At BioAlert Solutions, the quality of after-sales service is part of our mission. We offer all our customers a counter-validation in less than 48 hours in an outside laboratory. If the level is above the set threshold, we’ll assist our customers in solving their problems. Different levels of service are available, contact us for more details.

Can we visit a customer's site where your device has been installed ?

Certainly; we have a demonstration site in Sherbrooke where interested customers can see the device in operation and can speak with the equipment managers to see the real benefits of our product.