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Building Closures During Pandemic Could Lead to Another Type of Lung Infection: Legionnaires’ Disease

Commercial buildings that have been closed for weeks in order to stop the spread of coronavirus could be at risk of being a source for another deadly lung infection: Legionnaires’ Disease. Public health authorities strongly recommend that building owners reopen their buildings with precaution to avoid yet another outbreak or epidemic of this serious type of pneumonia – which can be fatal in approximately 15 percent of cases, according to public health experts.

Sudden and drastic closures of facilities have created an incredible decline in water consumption. The shortage of chlorinated water flowing through pipes and irregular temperature changes have created conditions conducive to the development of Legionella bacteria, responsible for Legionnaires’ Disease.

As businesses slowly consider reopening their doors in a near future, any commercial facility that is evacuated or under-used for more than three weeks is at risk of causing an outbreak of Legionnaires’ Disease, unless the water pipes are properly disinfected and flushed during this period of inactivity. All water systems in buildings are at risk: cooling towers, decorative water fountains, hot tubs, drinking fountains, showers, etc.

Our product, BioAlert, makes it possible to secure the return to service of these systems thanks to a rapid and automated detection of the presence of this deadly bacteria. The installation of BioAlert is part of an efficient and safe management plan for at-risk water systems, and becomes a must in the quick and safe resumption of your economic activity.



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