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The University of Sherbrooke at the Heart of a Major Entrepreneurship Pole

The University of Sherbrooke offers an ecosystem that fosters the emergence of companies that promote innovation stemming from research. Discover how, through the testimonials of three young entrepreneurs.

Developing the refrigeration system of the future, imagining a new class of painkillers, designing the next generation of autonomous cars or creating a revolutionary building material. These are all concrete accomplishments that can emanate from the Sherbrooke Entrepreneurship Pole, a major strategy launched today to support the next generation of entrepreneurs and local development. In all, investments of some $60 million will be devoted to it over a 10-year period. “Our strategy builds on our teaching and research initiatives and our close ties with local players to foster the emergence of a major entrepreneurial pole in Sherbrooke. In a word, we want to connect entrepreneurship to science to support innovation,” explains Jacques Beauvais, Vice-President, Research, Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the Université de Sherbrooke.

The UdeS as a driver of innovation

“We feel challenged by the mobilization of the community to renew the entrepreneurial culture,” explains the president, Professor Luce Samoisette. Recognized as one of the most active research universities in Canada and at the heart of one of Québec’s three major research centres, the UdeS hopes to triple its research partnerships with businesses, double the number of inventions in the commercialization phase and double the number of spin-offs in the Technology Business Creation Accelerator (ACET). The spectacular results of the ACET program have prompted us to make it the cornerstone of our strategy,” she adds. Since its creation in 2011, ACET has supported more than 50 companies valued at some $62 million and that have generated nearly 170 jobs. » In recent years, the UdeS has begun to convert some of the best ideas from the work of its students and researchers into entrepreneurial projects and partnerships. This new strategy will enable it to get closer to companies that want access to its research infrastructures.

A ten-point strategy

The UdeS’s approach has a series of key assets that will allow, in particular, to : -Concentrate efforts in certain key sectors such as quantum technologies, information technologies, transport and renewable energies as well as medical technologies; -Integrate the experience of industry leaders and seasoned entrepreneurs into the research teams; -Provide prototyping and proof-of-concept grants to accelerate the commercialization of technological innovations; -Support entrepreneurship and partnerships through its co-operative education program; -Build a creative studio for engineering student projects and make its research and manufacturing laboratories and equipment more accessible to businesses; -Stimulate and support entrepreneurial projects stemming from multidisciplinary initiatives, such as collaborations between medical and engineering students to develop medical technologies that meet the pressing needs of the health sector; -Strengthen links with economic development organizations; -Participate in the animation of regional environments that foster innovation and creativity; -Train the future generation of entrepreneurs through new programs offered to students in all disciplines and create an environment that stimulates creativity and the innovative spirit; -Work upstream with elementary and secondary school students to interest them in both scientific careers and the entrepreneurial spirit.

About the University of Sherbrooke

The University of Sherbrooke is the heart of one of Quebec’s three major research centres. Recognized for its sense of innovation, the University of Sherbrooke is a leading partner of senior and regional governments in fostering social, cultural and economic development. It also stands out for the strong growth of its research activities in recent years, its success in technology transfer and its initiatives in entrepreneurship and open innovation in collaboration with the industrial and social sectors. See video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=13&v=qux0uaR04cU&feature=emb_title

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