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BioAlert LP15 Demo – 2020 Free Trial Pilot Project

Project Overview

We are looking for a challenging site located in the U.S. on which to install our device during a 6 to 12 month period for a pilot partnership project. Our product, BioAlert LP15, is a unique online connected equipment that ensures the detection of Legionella pneumophila bacteria in water systems such as cooling towers. It is the only in-line automated monitoring device in the industry. Diligent monitoring is the best cost-efficient solution to have a complete control over the risks associated with Legionella proliferation. 

We want to build a strong business case based on the collected data with a selected partner who will benefit from the use of our product during this trial installation. If you are an American company who is actively looking for a better way to deal with Legionella in your water cooling systems, we’re offering you the chance to be chosen for this great partnership opportunity. 

Eligibility criteria to apply for the pilot project: 

  • Project duration of 6 to 12 months, depending on client’s objectives and previous contamination peak periods;
  • The device must be installed on a major site with chemical treatment costings of over 50,000 $ USD a year;
  • The site must have challenges regarding Legionella control, as the purpose of this project is to develop a business case where BioAlert LP15 leads to the resolution of the problem and reduces the costs associated with decontamination.

Our contribution to the Partnership

  • Provide you with one BioAlert LP15, for the duration of the project, at no cost;
  • Provide you with 12 kits of consumables (1 kit per month);
  • Offer a 2 hours on-site training to your employees;
  • Offer remote client service throughout the trial period;
  • On-site installation by our team of experts;  
  • Free shipping of BioAlert Lp15 and kits of consumables.

Your contribution the Partnership

Your Contribution : 

  • Provide assistance and support to our team of experts throughout the installation;
  • Cover the monthly equipment maintenance fees for cartridge changes (15 minutes/month) done by one of your trained technicians;
  • Carry out and cover the costs of external analyses in an Elite certified laboratory (minimum 2 Legionella culture and 2 qPCR analysis / month / system).

Site Preparation Prior to our Arrival:

  • Bring a live line of cooling water within 15 feet of the device ending with a ½ » FNTP valve;
  • Bring a 110/220V electrical outlet to the device;
  • Give access to a floor drain in order to connect a ¼’’ flexible pipe;
  • Bring an Ethernet network cable to the location where BioAlert LP15 will be installed;
  • Install wall brackets for equipement fixation; 
  • Validate the pre-installation requirements before our team’s arrival on site with BioAlert LP15.

Your Marketing Involvement in the Pilot Project:

  • Provide us with access to the site for accompanied visits with partners and potential clients (with a 72-hour notice prior to the visit);
  • Participate in the elaboration of a case report (business case) 6 months after the installation by providing us with information related to cooling tower management and its operational costs;
  • Allow the use of your name and logo as a reference;
  • Provide us with a brief testimonial after the pilot project;
  • Your overall collaboration to the success of our partnership and pilot project.

To submit your entry, please fill out the submission form below.

For any further information regarding the requirements and involvements of this partnership, please send us an email at info@dev.bioalert.ca or call us at 1-800-517-8533.

BioAlert LP15 Pilot Projet 2020 – Submission Form
What position do you occupy for this company ?
Where is this company’s cooling tower(s) located ?
Do you currently have a water safety management plan in place to control Legionella bacteria ? *
Do you perform any Legionella testing/sampling with you cooling tower water ? *
Where did you hear about this pilot projet ? *

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